Our sculptors are experts and take great pride in the time they dedicate to each project they receive. That's why we warrant that you are a part of the process and have the opportunity to see the molds and approve / suggest changes each step of the way! Here is the order process:

Upload Your Photo & Select Body Type

After you have selected a body type and uploaded the required clear photos of the face in jpeg format, you will receive an order confirmation by email and we will begin working on the project.

Watch & Provide Feedback as we Create your MiniYou

We will send you a link by email in approximately 10 days from the date of your order to preview the mold on our interactive online panel. Here you can also communicate directly with the artist by posting your feedback or changes that you would like to see made.

Our Procedure to Create MiniYou

1. Select your miniature body and upload the required photos.
2. Our artist, who specializes in facial expressions, will start to meticulously sculpt the face based on the photos provided by the customer.

3. We will send the picture of the Miniature face for your approval by return email.

4. Upon the receipt, you may advise necessary changes or suggest any corrections.

5. Upon receiving the approval from you, we will finalize the Miniature mold and bake it in the oven.

6. Our artists will give life to the Miniatures by coloring them based on the information provided by you.

7. The Miniatures will be packed in custom made boxes and shipped by courier to the agreed delivery location - all within 3 weeks!

*IMPORTANT – Please ensure your spam filter is off, OR that you monitor your SPAM folder for our digital proofs that are sent a few days after you place your order. Over sight of this may lead to delays in production.
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