I am looking for reproduction of the same design of a body or head! Will the price change per piece?

We have the capacity to handle large runs for time critical assignments.

We have 2 formats for quoting bulk orders. The first is for many orders of different faces. An example of this is similar to purchasing 30 miniatures of different faces for each member of a hockey team or sales team.

The second format is in quoting a bulk order for multiples of the exact same face. An example of this is similar to when we produce 200 units for a celebrity event, wedding, or company mascot. In both scenarios we provide competitive pricing.

Please contact us for a quote at + 971 4 8 85 86 03 or send us an email to info@miniyou.ae

What if I do not like my miniYOU?

We want you to LOVE your miniYOU! A lot of effort goes in to producing your customized order. If you do not like the proof that is provided simply indicate precisely what changes you would like to see made, and our artist will work with you to modify the mold. Before we ship the miniYOU we will send you a proof of the body to approve. Our process ensures there are NO SURPRISES and that you are happy with your order. Please understand that due to the custom nature of our product, and due to the number of expert hours that goes in to molding, baking, and painting, we do not offer refunds, cancellations or returns.
*IMPORTANT – Please ensure your spam filter is off, OR that you monitor your SPAM folder for our digital proofs that are sent a few days after you place youorder.

Do I get to see my customized 'miniYou'? How does the proofing process work?

We want you to LOVE your 'miniYou'! For this reason we ensure each order is accompanied with a digital proof to the e-mail provided by you to ensure your satisfaction.

Here is how it works:

1) Once your head mold is created, you will receive a link which provides you access to the dialogue panel which puts you in direct contact with the sculptor. Here you can either deny or accept the proof and make comments as to what minor modifications you would like to see.

2) Once the mold has been approved by yourself, we will paint it and once again send you a digital proof of exactly what the miniature looks like. Once you approve this we will apply a final coating, then packing and shipping your order.

IMPORTANT - For orders placed classified as URGENT, the delivery time will be based on how quickly you approve the molds. Delays in accepting, OR changes made will delay the delivery of your order. ALSO, please ensure your SPAM filter is turned off or our notifications of your digital proofs may get lost in your SPAM folder, thereby delaying shipment.

What is a Tattoo or custom sticker?

If you have a tattoo on your arm/leg, we can create the impression of that tattoo. Additionally, if you have a company logo that you would like resembled on the clothing or hat, we can customize this for you as well with a sticker.

What does the option to change body colors mean?

If you have selected one of our standard prefabricated bodies but want to customize the color of the outfit, select this option and clearly indicate what change you would like to see in the comments section when placing your order. We will comply with these changes if this option has been selected.

What does it mean to put a custom name on the base?

Directly on the base where the feet of the miniature is attached, we can customize your logo or personal message. Simply select this option and provide us with the details. If you are customizing your logo, a jpeg image is all we need.

What is a custom sticker on Shirt?

Select this option and we will add your name or any words / company logo onto the shirt.

What does the option 'make a second identical set' mean?

Adding this option, you will receive 2 miniYou caricatures instead of one. It will be an exact copy (clone).

Which material do you use to manufacture miniYou heads?

All our miniYou heads are manufactured of poly-resin, which is a mixture of oxylite and polystone (alabastrite). Though a stone-based material, poly-resin is quite flexible and can be easily molded, and yet it is stronger than ceramic once baked! Moreover, the fine details that need to be depicted in a miniYou head require a material like poly-resin. Each miniYou head is hand-sculpted and painted by one of our trained craftsmen.

How large can my miniYou head be?

Most of our miniYou heads are between 7 - 8" tall. We can customize larger miniatures from a foot all the way up to a life size replica in order to meet your project requirements.

I don’t live in the U.A.E. Do you ship overseas?

Yes. We have your miniYou’s shipped not just across the GCC but to anywhere in the world as well. Based on our arrangement with courier companies, the various shipping rates on our website will apply to your destination.

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